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  • Parenting Classes in Arizona

    Being a Child’s Parent vs. Being a Child’s Friend

    In the Love and Logic parenting classes I teach, usually at least one parent brings up the argument that it is better to be the child’s parent than their friend.  The parent that states this will then explain how he or she lays down the law in the home and how obedient their kids are… all except for one – the

  • Kids sticking their tongues out

    Sibling Rivalry – Can you two get along or do you need to separate?

      “Stop it”  “No, you stop it”  “No, you stop it!”  “How about both of you stop it!” Mom yells to get her kids attention.   “But he started it.”  “No I didn’t.  You did.”   What comes out of mom’s mouth next?  You guessed it. “I don’t care who started it.  I want it stopped now!” Some parents may approach the

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