Attachment Based Therapy In Arizona

We have gathered quality resources and information from the field of attachment in order to educate parents and professional working with children and families on the importance of developing secure attachments in their lives.

The following video clips featuring Bruce Perry, M.D, Dan Siegel, M.D, and B. Brian Post, Ph.D, explain how trauma can negatively effect brain development in children and how parents can become healing to their children by creating a loving environment and safe base for their children to heal from trauma and develop secure attachment.




The still Face Experiment

Pay attention to the way this baby reacts when her mother does not respond to her.  Now imagine the distress a child feels when a mother is not emotionally available for an extended period of time due to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or other mental health impairments that disrupts a mothers ability to respond to her child.



The Strange Situation Developed by Mary Ainsworth


Four Types of Attachment

Ambivalent Attachment

Avoidant Attachment


Disorganized Attachment

Optimal Attachment



Circle of Security




Self Regulation in Children



Healing Stress and Trauma by Regalena Melrose