Parenting Kids With ADD Or ADHD In Arizona

Child with ADDDoes your child with symptoms of ADD or ADHD make you want to pull your hair out?

Parenting a child with symptoms of ADD or ADHD can be exhausting.  These parents often feel like they have to constantly interviene at school or at home between these kids and the consequences society wants to give them for poor performance.  These parents spend a lot of time in IEP meetings wondering if the school wants to help their child or just kick him out of school.

Best ADD and ADHD Interventions Parents Can Do

Because many different genetic and environmental factors can create ADD and ADHD symptoms, it is important for parents to recognize what they can do within their environment to help their child learn to manage those symptoms in order to be successful in life.  Emotional regulation, problem solving, time management, sequencing events, practicing behaviors within the disrupted environment, and learning to tolerate discomfort become part of the treatment for these kids.  Depending upon the child’s view of themselves will give parents information on whether an effective consequence-focused approach or a relationship-based approach will work better for the child.


Some parents choose to put their children on medication to help control ADD and ADHD symptoms.  Medication can be very helpful for some children, however, without education and purposeful intervention, medication alone may not be enough to help these kids learn how to deal with life in an effective way.

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