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What is Parental Debt?


I know of parents that are deep in debt.  Not financial debt, but parental debt.  What is parental debt?  Parental debt, like credit card debt or any other debt, is when you want the reward or benefit of having something right now but (rather than paying for it right now) you put off paying until sometime in the future. How

Loving Relationships Give Consequences Their Power


In the updated Love and Logic Parenting Class – Parenting the Love and Logic Way, Jim and Charles Fay share the following observation, “Our heart breaks every time we see someone falling into the ‘consequence trap.’  Well-meaning parents become ensnared in this trap when they believe that the solution to all of their problems involves finding bigger or better consequences.” 

Teens And Disrespect

Teen Lying Down

Are you starting to have a hard time dealing with your teen’s behavior? Do you find it a little disturbing that your son/daughter starts to say things that he/she didn’t normally say when he/she was younger? You don’t need to consult Arizona psychiatrists right away, nor feel helpless with your situation. Why is it that our children suddenly become experts