Parenting Class Outline: Love and Logic for parents of kids ages 0-6

Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun®

Below you will find a more detailed outline of what will be covered in each of the six parenting class sessions for our Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun® parenting class. As a participant of the class, you will receive a workbook that will correspond to each of the session topics for more applied learning.  If you have any questions about any of the parenting class session, registration, our facilitator, etc., feel free to contact us.

Session 1: Handling Misbehaviors without Breaking a Sweat:

  • How to put an end to whining and arguing
  • How to increase the odds that you kids will learn from being disciplined rather than become resentful
  • Why empathy is such an important skill when disciplining
  • How to show empathy when disciplining

Session 2: Teaching Kids to Listen the First Time:

  • Getting your kids to behave without lecturing, threatening, bribing or spanking
  • Tips for ending misbehavior in public
  • Why giving repeated warnings is so damaging to kids
  • The “Uh Oh” song, and effective use of time out
  • Why you want your kids to make mistakes

Session 3: Avoiding Power Struggles:

  • Tips for ending bedtime battles
  • Why sharing appropriate control with your child pays off
  • What parents can do with kids who struggle staying in their rooms at night
  • Why the parent-child relationship is important for kids to develop responsibility

Session 4: Limits Create Happier Parents, Happier Kids, and Happier Families:

  • How to model behaviors so your kids will want to follow them
  • How to set appropriate limits and how to enforce them
  • How to make my words powerful without being mean
  • How to make morning time easier

Session 5: What to do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless:

  • How to create effective plans to change specific behaviors in your children
  • How to make consequences effective by delaying them
  • What you can do when you don’t know what to do
  • Why misbehaviors become great learning opportunities rather than an irritation

Session 6: Bonus Session:

  • Bonding and relationship building
  • The specific parenting needs of individuals in the class
  • Further explanation of any Love and Logic concepts

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