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Halloween Candy – Should Parents Take Control?

Halloween Candy

Halloween is an interesting holiday to say the least. Kids dress up in costumes anywhere from witches to princesses and from superman to zombies. Then, we as parents encourage them to do something that we are opposed to them doing the rest of the 364 days a year – accept candy from strangers. Nonetheless, it is fun to see our

Letting kids fail in the short term can be great to teach kids responsibility

The Claw

There we were, at WalMart on a Saturday afternoon.  Eliza and her brother Ezra each had two weeks of allowance and they were trying to stretch it as far as possible (which isn’t easy since they only had four dollars each).  I was working on my skill of patience as each of them pointed out the things that they wanted

Step-Parenting Using Love And Logic®

Step-Parenting Class Arizona

Do you ever feel torn between wanting your step-children to like you and knowing that you still need to have rules and discipline?  Have you found that letting the biological parent handle all the discipline doesn’t work really well all the time. Blended families are becoming more and more common in today’s world.  Consequently, more kids are being raised partially

The Distraction Method

airplane - using the distraction method in parenting

A comment was posted in the forum last week on using the distraction method to combat tantrums.  I have used this method a few times before on my own children; mostly when disciplining would make matters worse for everyone around such as on an airplane.  While flying thousands of feet up in the air in a confined area with no