4 Things To Tell Your Son Before He Goes To Junior High

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Junior high can be both scary and exciting for students getting ready to attend for the first time. As a parent, you wish you could be there every step of the way, but you know that growing up means your children have to learn how to do some things by themselves. You can always give advice, however. Here are four things you should tell your son before he goes to junior high school.

1. “It’s Okay to be Nervous”

Junior high brings many changes for students, so it is understandable that they will be nervous. They go to a different building, some of their friends will be going to different schools and they have to adjust to being in multiple classrooms each day. Tell your son it is okay to be nervous, and look for ways to ease his anxiety.

2. “It Matters Which Friends You Choose”

Because your son will be surrounded by many new people, he will likely make new friends in middle school. Let him know how important it is to choose good friends. Warn him that the wrong friends can encourage him to behave inappropriately and can get him in trouble, while the right friends can help him have an amazing junior high experience.

3. “Your Body Will Be Going Through Some Major Changes”

Hitting puberty, which happens somewhere around middle school, can be a scary and uncertain time for young boys who do not quite know what to expect or how to handle the changes. Tell your son in advance what kind of changes he should expect. Remind him that everyone’s body changes at its own rate and that the changes are completely normal. Prepare him with the products he needs such as The Art of Shaving razors and shaving creams.

4. “You Can Always Talk to Me about Anything”

As your son grows up, his friends’ opinions will become more important and yours will become less important. At this stage, he is still looking up to you for guidance, however, even if he acts as though he is not. Let him know that no matter what happens, you will always be there for him and that he can always come to you with any questions he may have.

While junior high can be a scary and exciting time for students, it can also be scary and exciting for parents too. Prepare your son as best as you can, then sit back and try to enjoy the ride.


By Trisha Borren a mother and a blogger in Beverly Hills


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