In-Home Child and Family Therapy in Arizona

In-Home Counseling Services

Family and Cat ourside their homeParent Arizona and Counseling Services, LLC. recognizes the value in providing therapy in the location where the difficulties occur.  Sometimes that means providing therapy in the home or at the school or in different locations.  In-home therapy can be especially effective when working with young children and teens who may feel uncomfortable in the therapist’s office.  Therapists who provide quality in-home family counseling often get a better understanding of the family in a shorter period of time by observing the family dynamics within the family’s own environment.

During the first in-home session, the therapist will usually have the kids in the family show him or her the home and the back yard. Having kids show the therapist the house helps put the kids in the role of the expert of their own home and helps them feel more at ease.  After the tour of the house, the therapist will have the family engage in some activities that the therapist may participate in as well.  During the activities, the therapist will observe the interactions that take place.  During the last few minutes of the session the therapist will meet with parents to go over what the therapist observed and then will plan for the next session.


In-Home Child and Family Therapists

The following individuals provide in-home counseling through Parent Arizona and Counseling Services:

Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW Child and Family Therapist Gilbert and Mesa Arizona

Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW

Shiloh Lundahl, Director of Parent Arizona and Counseling Services, is a bilingual therapist (Spanish) who specializes in working with children, teenagers, and families.  He provides in-home counseling in the East Valley. (Click to See Full Profile).



Tara Griggs, LMSW

Tara Griggs, is a child and family counselor, is specializes in working with children who struggle with behaviors and children who have gone through trauma.  She provides in-home counseling in the West Valley. (Click to See Full Profile).