What is Parental Debt?


I know of parents that are deep in debt.  Not financial debt, but parental debt.  What is parental debt?  Parental debt, like credit card debt or any other debt, is when you want the reward or benefit of having something right now but (rather than paying for it right now) you put off paying until sometime in the future. How

Four Books to Prepare Your Children For The Doctor or Dentist

Child Reading

Despite that you have a warm and friendly family physician or dentist, some children just don’t like being put under the microscope. Getting them prepared for an appointment can be made easier by reading to them from picture books. This technique gets them familiar with what to expect when it’s their turn.  Going To The Doctor by Anne Civardi This

How To Get Your Kids To Eat

Getting Kids to Eat

Some kids are picky eaters.  Unless it’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a dinner role, or plain cheese pizza, these kids can cry, whine, throw fits, or just simply refuse to eat the food on their plates.  After a long day at work or taking care of children, the last thing a parent wants to do is to force their child to

Loving Relationships Give Consequences Their Power


In the updated Love and Logic Parenting Class – Parenting the Love and Logic Way, Jim and Charles Fay share the following observation, “Our heart breaks every time we see someone falling into the ‘consequence trap.’  Well-meaning parents become ensnared in this trap when they believe that the solution to all of their problems involves finding bigger or better consequences.” 

Is That Consequence Logical?


I hear of parents whose knee-jerk reaction to almost anything that their child does wrong is to take away their child’s cell-phone.  “It’s the only thing they care about”, parents will tell me. “It’s the only thing that makes them do the thing I ask them to do!” Whether the misbehavior is talking back, refusing to do chores, allowing grades

Getting Kids Excited About Spelling

Eliza Spelling Test

It can be difficult to get kids to do homework – especially when it is boring and repetitive.  Creating games around those tedious homework tasks can help shift kids from avoiding their homework to looking forward to doing their homework. One of the games that gets my kids excited about homework is spelling football.  I take no credit for coming

Tips for Successful Foster Parenting

adoptive family

Foster parenting is a commendable way to help your community in its efforts to raise bright, self-confident children that will grow up into stand-out citizens. There may be no better way to bring enrichment to the lives of others, as well as your own, than to open up your home to children in need of a warm, stable environment. There

Improving Your Child’s Behavior at School


School can be very stressful for a parent and for a child.  This is especially true if your child is having behavior problems or not doing their school work.  It can be a vicious cycle: the child is having a hard time at school, the teacher expresses these concerns to the parent, the parent gets frustrated reacting in a punitive

Halloween Candy – Should Parents Take Control?

Halloween Candy

Halloween is an interesting holiday to say the least. Kids dress up in costumes anywhere from witches to princesses and from superman to zombies. Then, we as parents encourage them to do something that we are opposed to them doing the rest of the 364 days a year – accept candy from strangers. Nonetheless, it is fun to see our