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Giving Kids the Opportunity to Succeed


One of the topics that often surface in the parenting classes that I teach is the parent’s fears of their kids failing in school.  This is especially true for parents of kids with ADD or ADHD, because of their child’s difficulty staying focused on a school task to completion. Parents want their kids to succeed.  So when their child starts

The Difference Between Helping and Enabling


When does “helping” a child become “enabling” a child? It is hard to know where that line is sometimes. As parents, we love our kids and are willing to make sacrifices for them, but can our sacrifices ever send the wrong message to our kids? The answer is yes! We can certainly send unhealthy and unrealistic messages to our kids

What We Can Learn From the Post Office About Parenting

Post office

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? Child: “Mom we need to go to the store tonight! My project is due tomorrow and I need a poster board and some construction paper!” Parent: “How long have you known about this project?” Child: “They told us two weeks ago, but I don’t see what that has to do

Letting kids fail in the short term can be great to teach kids responsibility

The Claw

There we were, at WalMart on a Saturday afternoon.  Eliza and her brother Ezra each had two weeks of allowance and they were trying to stretch it as far as possible (which isn’t easy since they only had four dollars each).  I was working on my skill of patience as each of them pointed out the things that they wanted

Overcoming Entitlement: The Best Thing I Have Done For My Kids Thus Far

Son and Dad Dancing

Picture your precious child in your arms for the first time.  So sweet… So little… So innocent.  “This child,” you think, “was meant to bring happiness into my life.” Now fast forward ten years.  You have just spent an hour in the kitchen on a new recipe trying to include more nutritious foods into your family’s diet when the same

Helping Adult Children Leave The Home

Kid moving out

“My mom kicked me out of the house using Love and Logic” a father reported during one of my recent parenting classes.  Then his wife related the story: When my husband was 24-years-old he was still living at home.  His parents were really cool and he enjoyed living there rent free.  However, because he was living there rent free, he