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What is Parental Debt?


I know of parents that are deep in debt.  Not financial debt, but parental debt.  What is parental debt?  Parental debt, like credit card debt or any other debt, is when you want the reward or benefit of having something right now but (rather than paying for it right now) you put off paying until sometime in the future. How

Is That Consequence Logical?


I hear of parents whose knee-jerk reaction to almost anything that their child does wrong is to take away their child’s cell-phone.  “It’s the only thing they care about”, parents will tell me. “It’s the only thing that makes them do the thing I ask them to do!” Whether the misbehavior is talking back, refusing to do chores, allowing grades

Let’s Play Hide And Seek The Stuff I Clean Up

Barrel for toys in garage

Many parents complain about how their children leave stuff all over the house.  Parents either feel like unpaid servants or like broken records constantly nagging their kids to clean up after themselves.  Some parents say that it takes less energy to clean up after their children then to get their children to clean up after themselves.  Other parents complain that

Overcoming Entitlement: The Best Thing I Have Done For My Kids Thus Far

Son and Dad Dancing

Picture your precious child in your arms for the first time.  So sweet… So little… So innocent.  “This child,” you think, “was meant to bring happiness into my life.” Now fast forward ten years.  You have just spent an hour in the kitchen on a new recipe trying to include more nutritious foods into your family’s diet when the same

Helping Adult Children Leave The Home

Kid moving out

“My mom kicked me out of the house using Love and Logic” a father reported during one of my recent parenting classes.  Then his wife related the story: When my husband was 24-years-old he was still living at home.  His parents were really cool and he enjoyed living there rent free.  However, because he was living there rent free, he

My 4-Year-Old’s Addiction: When TV Becomes A Problem For Young Kids

Kids addicted to tv

It’s 6:30am Friday morning.  My 4-year-old son comes wandering into my room and asks, “Dad, what day is it?”  I respond by saying, “It’s Friday.” “It’s Friday!” he exclaims with a burst of energy.  Then he asks, “Can I watch a woovie (movie)?” Because of the research indicating the negative effects that TV watching can have on the developing brain