Becoming a Love and Logic Parent© Class Outline

Below you will find a more detailed outline of what will be covered in each of the six parenting class sessions for our Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® parenting class. As a participant of the class, you will receive a workbook that will correspond to each of the session topics for more applied learning.

Session 1: Raising Responsible Kids

  • How to prepare your children for the real world
  • Children learn from models in their lives
  • Four steps to responsibility
  • Why using empathy before applying consequences is so effective

Session 2: The Art of Sharing Control

  • How to avoid power struggles
  • How to provide choices in an effective way
  • Magic words you can use for stating choices

Session 3: Letting Kids Own their Own Problems

  • Parenting styles: Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants
  • How to determine who owns the problem
  • How to guide children to own and solve their own problems

Session 4: Provide Great Thinking Opportunities for your Kids

  • How to set appropriate limits and how to enforce them
  • Effective ways of providing allowance
  • How to make my words powerful without being mean
  • Words that get your kids to think instead of look for revenge

Session 5: Let Empathy and Consequences do the Teaching

  • The difference between consequences and punishment
  • How to use empathy and consequences instead of anger to discipline
  • Constructing logical consequences
  • Pitfalls to watch out for that destroy learning from logical consequences

Session 6: Wrap-up Session

  • How to enforce the completion of chores
  • When I may need more specialized help with my child
  • Further explanation of any Love and Logic concepts